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DPsx7 said:

There's a lot of reasons I prefer physical. They're cheaper, hold value, look better on a shelf than a stack of HDD's, and there's also a part that just doesn't trust companies to do the right thing. With discs I hold the power to play when I want, where I want. Digital assumes that you're always online so if a server goes down or an ISP decides to get greedy then you kinda have one point of failure to losing access to your library. Don't get me wrong digital has its place. Last gen it was better than getting no game at all in the case of indies which wouldn't be worth publishing. But now in this gen I have at least 5 sites similar to Limited Run Games giving me SO many smaller games in retail packaging. My PS3 collection hit maybe 250 and PS4 is nearing 300 if it hasn't grown beyond that already. That doesn't include the relatively small amount of digital games I've either bought or gotten for free. And those are only 2 of my many platforms. I've been playing since I could hold a controller and hardly sold any of it.

The biggest problem with this reasoning are that there are some games that are so broken upon release that you basically can’t play them without the 50 GB day one patch. So you might be screwed even if you have thhe physical game.