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shikamaru317 said:
Leynos said:
Why did Xbox keep the 360 logo all these years? If they are then I wish the box would look like PS4's but green to be similar to the 360. 360 pre redesign had the best boxes ever IMO.

They didn't. This is the 360 logo:

At the beginning of the gen they changed it to this, which has a whiter circle and slightly altered green "X":

Then recently they ditched green altogether (except on these cases for some reason), and changed to black and white:

That is the start-up screen for Xbox Series in that gif.

That's like saying Apple Ditched the Apple logo or PlayStation ditched the PS logo when they didn't. Just recolored them. It's still the same logo. 360 is 360 degrees which goes around a sphere. 360. So yes they kep the 360 logo as the X is going around a sphere 360 degrees.

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