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goopy20 said:

Totally agree. 4k and 120fps Might sound amazing but once we see games that are going for an actual generational leap at 1440p/30fps, playing current gen games at 120fps will look pretty boring in comparison. That's why nobody got excited about seeing something like Dirt 5.

It's strange that a lot of people don't seem to realize that you can take any 30fps current gen game, boost the framerate to 120fps and you're pretty much maxing out these next gen consoles already.

Dirt 5 wouldn't of attracted more people if it was built from the ground up either. Infact the most talking point of the game is its 120fps mode.. otherwise it would be just another racer like everything else.

SvennoJ said:

You do realize Fortnite and Minecraft weren't possible before their time, and it's only hardware / tech advancements that made these games possible. Fortnite and Minecraft are game play advancements, Crisis and Star Citizen are mostly graphical advancements.

Age of Empires 4 can benefit greatly from SSD. No memory limits to building / alterations. 200 player battle royale on a Earth size map. Near instant jump to any part of the map loading in the needed detail. Cloud computing to keep track of everyone's armies. Instead we'll probably just get AoE 2 with better graphics.

It's good for you you enjoy older games at higher res or the same old game play in higher fidelity. I love new experiences, hence only playing VR for well over a year.

You can always keep buying a PC to enjoy games at higher res/fps. But wouldn't it be nice to have new games unlocked from the constraints of slow HDDs. And traditional games will continue to be made. Heck we're practically drowning in retro games nowadays. And I greatly enjoyed streets of rage 4 as well. However, variety is the spice of life. New experiences is what keeps me interested in gaming. If it wasn't for VR, this gen would have been rather mediocre.

Minecraft and Fortnight are playable on Mobile phones, they don't require the need of state of the art machines to play. Minecraft is an 11 year old game and was in development a lot longer before than. It doesn't need tech to be fun. Its the gameplay that keeps people into it, not the visuals.

SSDs are awesome, however its not what makes games great, its just hardware at the end of the day, its definitely an improvement. AoE4 even if it was being made from the ground up on XSX wouldn't change how AoE4 plays because the developers are making the game to their vision, keeping it traditional for the fans that actually love those type of games. Age of Empires is not a 200 player Battle Royal game and i am sure many RTS fans don't want them to change there vision just because they have hardware to do so. 

Either way, weather you like it or not, its not going to change anything, majority of games due out this year and next year are most likely designed with current gen in mind so we wont see anything soon from Xbox and even Playstation that take full advantage of these systems hardware until at least 1 to 2 years into the console generation.

I am interested in seeing more game announcements, not how they are made, but that's just me.