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sales2099 said:
goopy20 said:

Totally agree. 4k and 120fps Might sound amazing but once we see games that are going for an actual generational leap at 1440p/30fps, playing current gen games at 120fps will look pretty boring in comparison. That's why nobody got excited about seeing something like Dirt 5.

It's strange that a lot of people don't seem to realize that you can take any 30fps current gen game, boost the framerate to 120fps and you're pretty much maxing out these next gen consoles already.

Well that’s your narrative. I say Ps5 is holding back progress because the specs won’t allow for it. If Series X can hit any combination of 4K and 60fps AND provide a next gen graphics bump then that’s clear to me who’s actually trying to be next gen. Remember it’s 20% stronger so everything helps. 
As much as 30% when PS5 isn’t overclocking. Remember Series X is built to be consistent all the time.

It’s funny it should be like 2013 except I’m the smug PS fan who’s bragging about 1080p and you are supposed to be the Xbox guy being defensive saying 900p isn’t so bad. I am genuinely amazed the narrative is able to change to “1440p/30 FPS is next gen so long as I get my graphics bump”.

Hopefully the July show will help shift the narrative back to where it belongs because I know MS can do both. They can hit benchmarks and make their games look great. Because they have the hardware to do it, not using their PR and fans to justify lower expectations. 

I don't think you can have 4k/60fps AND a generational jump in visuals lol. Lets say Halo Infinite will be shown running at 720p/30fps on Xbox One and 4k/120fps on Series X. That would mean there are no gpu resources left for anything else. That's why I think it will look pretty much identical on both platforms unless you're watching the stream at 120fps.

I am just wondering if you ever played a game in 120fps and/or 4k? I have and I can tell you this, it's not that big a difference as Phil makes it out to be. And definitely not something that should define next gen games.