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BraLoD said:
archbrix said:

I like the original better too, but I think they each have their strengths depending on how they're positioned.  The slim wins when placed horizontally but the original is way more eye pleasing when standing up.  The Super Slim looks bad either way though.

I disagree, I have the Super Slim and anyway it sits it looks good.

It looks good looking from top, perfectly horinzontally and vertically too.

I think it looks a lot better than the Slim, actually.

The OG is the best by a good margin, tho.

The Slim is the worst, it wants so much to be the OG but looks lifeless compared to it and the Super Slim is a completely different system that stands well on its own.

I hate how the Super Slim looks standing up but I'll grant you that it doesn't look too terrible when laying flat.  Just really cheap looking.

It's still the worst Sony system to me aesthetically... until the PS5 handily takes that "honor" when it releases.

Last edited by archbrix - on 12 July 2020