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Zisbest said:

Indeed I've had the same thought in mind - but how much would you estimate such an increase to be? Can't quite wrap my head around it, perhaps 4 dollars or 5? How much is "significantly higher"?

Edit: geez, it's been ages since I posted and it shows. Should've used the 'quote' tag. This is directed @Dulfite

Oh I think much higher than that. If it really is 80/20 across the industry, then companies won't get discounts for creating bulk cases, printing bulk art covers and manuals, or creating bulk discs/cartridges. Everything is cheaper when you buy 100 million of them, but now your only buying 20 million?

And the industry hasn't really adjusted for any of that decrease so far but I suspect it is coming. I'm thinking in the next decade we could see 25-50% higher MSRP on physical copies.