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sales2099 said:
goopy20 said:

Maybe that's the only parameter that matters for fanboys. But Halo not being on ps5 is just a business decision, whereas Horizon Zero West being exclusive to the ps5 is a design decision. Big difference there in how far the developers can potentially take their ambitions.

The truth is that MS is too busy being all consumer friendly that they ARE forgetting the people who are excited about next gen. You know the people who want to see exciting new games, conceived to be impossible on current gen. I get what you're saying and that you won't settle for anything less than the best version of Halo Infinite. But how many people bought a X1X or a high-end gpu to play the best version of base console games? 

There simply is a difference between a generational jump we typically see when new consoles come out, and scalable graphics like we see on pc. This is the difference.

Scalable graphics on pc and the mid-gen consoles are a lot more subtle. Obviously the resolution and framerate jump is noticeable when you're playing the game, but you're still getting the exact same game (same levels, ai, physics etc.) whether your playing on a 1,3TF Xbox One or a X1X/high-end pc. 

Wasn’t aware Halo Infinite won’t be exciting or a new game when it launches...please tell me more. And I find it hard to believe games like Spiderman MM and GT7 are impossible on PS4. How about Destruction Derby and Sackboy??? You can’t lean on just Horizon 2 and Ratchet Sony doing similar tactics overall. 

I figure the games themselves would be the draw. You know...the very same reason PS fans tell us constantly. That the exclusive games did the talking and not their specs? Just using your own peoples argument back at you. And if you a late adopter you aren’t left behind day 1. Simple. 

Otherwise people can easily get the console for the investment knowing of what’s to come. PS4 didn’t sell crazy good in the first year because they couldn’t get enough of Knack and Killzone. I don’t recall there being shortages of either game and both games lighting up the charts for months. People got in early for what’s exclusive to the brand and what’s to come. Again using PS history in my favour. 

I'm not saying Infinite won't be exciting, I have no doubt it will be awesome. But lets face it, after Sony's event, people are now having super high expectation for the 23rd. We don't want Infinite to just be a good Xbox One game that looks better on Series X, we expect it be blown away with jaw dropping next gen visuals. We'll see soon enough but I just don't see how Halo will deliver on that front when it's designed around the Xone's limitations. And it will likely be the same with all their other cross-gen 1st party games. Keep in mind that the 23rd isn't a Series X event, it's a Xbox event.

GT7 didn't look like a generational leap over GT Sports so I give you that. Spider Man we don't really know as I didn't see a whole lot of clear gameplay there. So yes, that only leaves me with Ratchet & Clank and Horizon Zero West. That doesn't mean Sony isn't going to show us more, though. And it also doesn't change the fact that all of Sony's studios are working on ps5 exclusives. 

We might not know when we will see them, but we do know that when SM and ND's new games show up they'll be designed to take 100% advantage of the ps5. With MS things are simply different. We're getting cross-gen titles for the first 2 years and after that we have no clue how far they'll be able to push Series X. Even after they drop support for Xone, they'll still have to consider the specs of Lockhart and the average gaming pc. How long will it take till developers can stop supporting HDD on pc? And how long till something like a RTX2080 becomes standard on pc?

Until average consumer pc's catches up with these next gen consoles, all of MS's exclusives will have to designed around HDD and common gpu's like the GTX1060 or lower. Just look at Scorn. It's a next gen console exclusive on Series X but that doesn't mean it requires beastly specs. It doesn't say anything about a SSD for example and the recommended specs are a GTX970: Same thing with most of Sony's console exclusives like God Fall by the way.

Last edited by goopy20 - on 11 July 2020