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snyps said:
sethnintendo said:

What bothers me is that every Presidential election here in USA you have so called independents that claim they are still undecided a week or even days within election. It's like what the fuck have you been paying any attention.  If you can't make up your mind after numerous debates or checking out campaign sites to see where candidates stand then maybe you should join the millions of others that don't vote because there might not be much brain activity going on.

Sadder still is that people base their votes on the stuff these candidates say in the debates and web, rather than looking up what the candidates did on record. People believe anything. 

I'm pretty sure Biden has a better track record than Trump.

Let me see Trump University - scam, Trump Charity - scam, Several failed casinos, racist false attacks against Obama being one of the most outspoken birther, shitty ass TV show, and I can keep going on