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Hiku said:
NyanNyanNekoChan said:
IIrc FFVII Remake was and still is £60 digital (which was equivalent to about $75), while you could pick the damn thing up £40-£50 physical. If consoles ever did go all digital, I would hope the price of the digital games would at least come down to match what would have been the price of the physical copies, because as of right now, that all digital console life is looking pretty silly expensive.

I forget exactly what the given reasoning for higher cost digital versions at launch was, but it supposedly had something to do with not wanting to undercut the physical version for some reason.

On the flipside though, after launch you can commonly get some amazing deals for the digital versions.
But yeah, if that were to happen I hope they're better priced at launch.

Yeah, with some patience gaming is pretty cheap.