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It boggles my mind why R* refuses to put it on Switch, there's no excuses at this point tbh. The Switch is more than capable of running it since it was on the 360/PS3, the Switch is one of the fastest selling systems of all time with a bigger install base than the Xbox One, multiple AAA games have been selling well on the Switch with Skyrim & Witcher 3 selling around 1Million, which are franchises much smaller than GTA. EVEN R* LA NOIRE according to VGChartz outsold the Xbox One version DESPITE the Switch having a much smaller install base when they both released. Even looking in the U.K, where Switch accounted for 20% of LA Noire's launch sales despite only having 8% console market share at the time. The Switch's install base is also mostly filled with gamers, not casuals who just wanted to play Wii Tennis... I'm at the point where I believe R* might resent Nintendo for being Anti-Third Party over the years and Nintendo back on the N64 nearly put R* North outta business, so maybe it's that???

IDK, what do you guys think is stopping R* from a GTA5 port on Switch so far?