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This is coming from the user KeliosFR which hinted at it first on twitter a few days back without a sure date but can confirm now that it should take place on the 20th. He is the one that called the Mini direct like a month earlier with a precise date.

I was waiting for more info/confirmation before making a thread and hype people for no reason but it happens that the user NateDrake which is one of the most accurate insider of Resetera hinted at it several times and than "confirmed" it.

It would still up to change but there is something coming. Would make sense since there is several presentation in the coming weeks, i'm sure  Nintendo wants a pie of the media coverage. It is unclear at the moment if it is a Mini direct or a General direct but apparently it does count several titles and Kelios thinks it should be general instead of a small one. 

Take that with a grain of salt but with the rumors making waves and these 2 insiders that have been right on stuff that can't be luck seems to be pointing towards a general direct in less than 2 weeks.