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vivster said:

How tall are you, if I may ask?

I'm 1.92m with a wide frame. A lot of my current weight is in my thighs due to all my walking and cycling. My current weight goal is only so that I have something palpable to aim for. My real goal is getting rid of my belly and moobs and if that means I end up above 100kg that's fine too. Since I've shed 15kg off my body I don't feel hindered by weight anymore.

We seem to be built very similarily then! My waist tends to be wide, my Erector muscles grow really thick, I also have very large calves. Since my shoulders and chest are very wide, the waist will look more or less proportionate overall. Also; big legs are the shit! 100 kg's on a wide frame at our height isn't that much, I was 102 kilos at my lightest after surgery, I felt weird weighing that little. I've generally weighed above 100 kilos since age 14 (which is also when I stopped growing). At my heaviest, I was about 137 kilos, but also carried a considerable amount of muscle.