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EnricoPallazzo said:
goopy20 said:

Exactly! Native 4k and 60fps (or even 120fps) is a sure fire way for developers to be as inefficient as possible as that would suck up 2/3 of gpu resources on something that some people won't even notice. So why are we all thinking Lockhart is such a great idea, saying its not going to hold back Series X? How would a game that pushes Series X to its limits at 30fps/1440p be able to run on Lockhart? The truth is that Lockhart is only going to work if Series X would be wasting those 8Tflops and 7GB of extra RAM on running Lockhart games at 4k/60fps. 

I know most people don't care or expect all games to be 4k/60fps. But that's what MS is selling with Series X anyway. I mean has there been any game announced for Series X that isn't 4k/60fps or even 120fps? Its pretty much what the "optimized for Series X" stands for (together with Ray Tracing) and all uncle Phil's been talking about. 

For arguments sake, lets say MS only announced Lockhart and Series X would have come out somewhere in 2024 as a mid-gen console. Would anyone have been ok with that? Because that's exactly what's happening, only they're releasing their mid-gen console early.

Again guys, look at these two badges and you tell me what's the difference between Series X and the XOne X? 

Thanks, I never saw they were promoting 60fps as obligTory for the games with the badge. Thats really nice but again, will third party devs care about it? Probably no.

They will much more focus on ray tracing, hdr, real life graphics and other shit and games will be running at 30fps or less from the middle of the generation amd onwards. 

By the way, is there a big difference between 60fps and 120? 30 to 60 is like night and day for me but I wonder how different a 120fps game look like.

It's nice but it also means it leaves a lot less room to use those 12Tflops on overall fidelity and the things that normally define next gen games. Midway through the console generation I'm sure we'll see more ambitious games testing the limits of Series X/ps5 and will probably run at 30fps/1440p. But how are those games going to work on Lockhart with half the Ram and 1/3 the gpu power?

Imo 120 fps is a lot less noticeable than going from 30 to 60fps. Some Pc gamer swear by it for competitive gaming, though. Its just that it takes a big hit on performance. For example, I have a GTX1060 and can only hit a stable 120fps in something like Sea Of Thieves if I drop to 720p in the lowest settings. While I can get 60fps in 1440p at almost max settings.