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DonFerrari said:
goopy20 said:

True but people bought a ps4/Xone because games were coming out that could only be played on those consoles, while support for ps3/360 was drying out. Console generations have been like that since forever and everybody is fine with it. However, for the first time in gaming history we have a console manufacturer that is doing things completely different. They're making their new console more like an optional upgrade, while we can just play all their exclusives on Xone, XoneX and any half decent pc on GP too. Of course there will be the 3rd party games but how long do you think it will take before the big guns like GTA6, COD, BF6, AC etc. will be on GP? It can literally be 2024 before there'll be any games on GP that require next gen hardware.

Sony has showed stuff like Spider Man, HZD2, which are huge franchises, and if you want to play them you absolutely have to buy a ps5. While MS hasn't shown anything that requires a next gen console. Sure, if you want to play the best possible version in 4k and 60, or even, 120 fps. But isn't that just like the X1X and ps4 Pro because not many thought it was worth upgrading over.

Imo what MS should do to beat Sony's conference is simply show exclusive AAA games that can really only be played on Series X or a super high-end pc. And even through a crappy 1080p Youtube stream, it should be crystal clear why they aren't going to be on Xone too. I really hope they can do that, but I just don't see how with their whole cross gen/platform strategy thing in place.

False. Gran Turismo 6 release when PS4 was launching, and some other games. Third Parties put crossgen for the first year or two for a long time already.

And considering how low the sales for X1 were (and that base model was the most sold) then it is quite possible that a very good deal on Lockhart will make it people want to buy it because with GP, they can expend very little and enjoy all exclusives for X1 "for free" while still being able to play the whole 9th gen. Also that will still be a major upgrade against base X1.

Will MS do this strategy with Lockhart "for free" on a multi year contract of GP? We don't know yet. Will it work out? We have no way to be sure. But I think there is a lot of potential. Lockhart for 100 less than PS5 and XSX 100 more would give they almost certainly a major defeat, but on a contract with GP with an attractive price it would potentially do very well.

I know Sony typically ends a console generation with a bang. Hell, they just released TLOU2 and Ghosts of Sushi will be coming out in a couple of weeks. However, starting next year, all of Sony's exclusives will be on ps5 only. Maybe that isn't very consumer-friendly-like, but its always been that way and nobody will get upset if HZD2 doesn't get a ps4 release. Sony just has to convince the 100m ps4 owners why they should upgrade to a ps5. They typically do that by getting people excited about the promise of new experiences that are a dramatic leap over what's possible on their current console. 

What's weird to me is that everybody is convinced that all ps5/Series X games will be 4k/60fps and therefore Lockhart is a great idea for those who just want to play the same games in 30fps/1080p. People don't seem to realize that the mid-gen consoles were very much a niche product. Maybe I exaggerate a bit when I say nobody cares about 4k and 60fps. But fact remains, only a small percentage thought playing the same games, but better, was worth the upgrade.

If Sony and MS plan to convince people to upgrade, they need to do a lot more than spend 2/3 of gpu resources on just a bump in resolution and framerate. They need to create a desire by showing new and exciting things. Sony gets that and they could show a 1080p Youtube stream and still get people excited. The big question is if MS will be able to do the same, or if people need to watch the July event in native 4k and 120fps to notice a major difference? We will see soon enough ;)