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"System (year) Game cost in USD at system launch year Adjusted for inflation as of December 2010
NES (1986) 29.99-49.99 59.79-99.65
SNES (1991) 49.99-59.99 80.17-96.21
N64 (1996) 49.99 69.60
PS2 (2000) 49.99 63.41"

$70 game would be the same as N64 game back in the day, adjusted for inflation, and still cheaper than SNES and most NES games also adjusted for inflation. We've been spoiled for decades now. My thought? Games are more expensive to develop now, and they are making less money off each one sold than the use to, proportionally. Therefore, we should all get over ourselves and AT LEAST be willing to pay $70.