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DonFerrari said:
sales2099 said:

You or I can’t speak for the casuals. They think different then us. The ones who just play the games and buy on price. Especially in a global recession brought on by a pandemic I think many would be interested in a entry level next gen machine. And if you want to upgrade you trade it in. 

Let it fragment the install base. So long as development is optimized for each console it makes no difference. Leave your performance gap comments at the door because at this stage in the game it’s FUD. 

Is this all just a smokescreen for concern that Lockhart will put a dent in PS market share in less developed regions of the world, not just in NA?

Lockhart attached to GP plan for a 2-5 year contract with a very nice price could make a good splash and make Sony need to run after and improve PSNow or PS+ to offer cheaper PS5 and subs with games.

MAybe that is true, but as a gamer I just don't understand how anyone would want that. The thing with GP is that its a cool service later in a console gen when loads of games have come and gone. Some of them might not have gotten the sales they deserved and GP is great for lowering the barrier so people can still play them later on. However, its a bit different at the start of a new console generation. I mean when will we see next-gen heavy hitters like GTA6, BF6, COD etc on GP, if at all? 

If MS wants to beat Sony's conference they need to clearly demonstrate the difference between their $600 next gen, and $200 current gen console. Which means they have to show games that show a clear overall jump and not just a bump in res/fps like we saw in May. If they can't really do that with their exclusives because they're all cross-gen titles, they should at least have some of the big 3rd party games on stage like a BF6, for example. But unless MS pays them a fortune, it will be years before games like that make their way to GP. 

Last edited by goopy20 - on 04 July 2020