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DonFerrari said:


But one thing that haven't saw a famous case yet is a former female athlete that have transitioned to be a trans male athlete and became a powerhouse at the sport. Do anyone heard a famous case?


Well DUH!

You'll find that men tend to have lots of physical advantages over women, ranging from (a lot) more natural muscle tissue to just tending to be taller and lots of other obvious stuff we all know good and well just from living in the world. These characteristics provide men with, on average, real and meaningful advantages in both strength and speed. I mean yeah, there are some exceptions, some men who do nothing to develop and hone any of that, and some women who work their asses off to build themselves up, but this is the rule and it's clear enough for all of us to be able to readily observe it. There is no amount of gender identification or artificial testosterone reduction that's ever plausibly going to truly level nature's fundamentally unequal playing field. When men (by which here I mean biological males) participate in women's sport, they tend to have a natural and unfair advantage. That's just a fact. This becomes especially significant in contact sports like American football or rugby or mixed martial arts, for example, where the difference between single-sex and unisex competitions could be measured not just in trophy allocations, but in broken bones.

Conversely, when women participate in men's sports, they enjoy the physical disadvantages of being female. That is why you don't hear of transmen setting new records in men's sport. Gender identity ideology contains no advantages for women (biological females). It confers social benefits only to men (biological males).

Men who set records in women's sport, I think you'll find, tend to achieve times/weightlifting accomplishments/whatever applies that would only make them average athletes in the corresponding men's leagues. They don't tend to be objectively great athletes, in other words. They're just biologically male and have that natural advantage in women's athletics. The fact that they're rarely great athletes by the standards of their sex could be part of their motivation for choosing to compete in the women's league, in fact.

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