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I'm surprised by the scope of this. Its a huge investment, over $1.1 billion, easily the biggest Sony will have ever made in their gaming division.

I'm guessing this is about china, diversifying their portfolio, targeting more platforms, the revenue streams of (multiplayer, f2p, mobile) with the potential for growth. I wouldn't be surprised if these developers all continued to make cross platform games. I don't really see an aqusition like this impacting PlayStation or the PS5 much. I'm probably overlooking something extremely valuable for Sony here. I'm not quite sure.

I'd prefer if they were outbid and even a fraction of that investment went towards building a new developer or supporting smaller studios.

Edit: Now that I look more closely,  I was completely wrong in my first assessment. It's probably not the actual IP they currently have. 

Leyou is just a holdings company based in Hong Kong. Sony are looking at the buyout option that would give them development studios in the UK, US and Canada, over 800 employess all with experience working on multiplayer games (Halo, Cod, Gears, Left4Dead) Also, Leyou hold the licence for Transformers. (After Spiderman, I could see Sony making more big budget titles with IP that hold existing brand power) and the LOTR game with Amazon publishing.

It actually might be a pretty huge move for PS and definitely multiplayer oriented. 

Last edited by Dallinor - on 02 July 2020