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I enjoyed all 3 at the time.

Wii had some genuine hidden gems in a mountain of trash. Of course, it had a solid 1st party as well. However, these days going back to that hardware is tough.

PS3 was a great console once we got past the horrendous marketing of the first few years and Sony's arrogance. I have quite a few games on it and love that system. Still, I dislike the controller and installs can be slow and tedious. Not a huge fan of the XMB.

360 tho. Despite hardware problems. Felt like the most concise console. Some drawbacks were no HDMI. No wifi unless you bought an adapter and no HDDVD drive which they should have done built-in. That said it had a great look. An amazing controller. I liked how the boxes look for games. A great UI, a rarity for MS. Explosion of great games even in those early years. It even got the last Far East of Eden RPG. It got exclusive JRPGs and Shmups. SEGA games. Some great action games and its library got better as the years went on. To me, 360 felt like the next-gen successor to the Dreamcast in so many ways.

I still have both PS3 and 360 hooked up but when I buy new games from this era for the collection I try to get them for 360.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!