Otter said:

The Switch's success should be partially be credited to the existence of the Wii U afterall, that soft transition (porting games over instead building them from scratch) is what I'm expecting, not a hard reset. I do not see a Switch 2 causing a significant disruption to games arriving on Switch. We're talking about titles early in development now, arriving in over 2 years time with less compromises.

That strategy only worked because it was the Wii U. It's easy to forget how many in the average gaming public still aren't aware of the Wii U's existence. It also wasn't a soft transition but a hard transition from the Wii U, spending practically it's entire last year in dead silence until finally receiving BotW and a 'farewell' postcard. Trying to implement that same strategy of moving on from a system while quickly porting all it's relevant games to a new one, would have more than a few flaws this time around.

And what compromises are you even talking about? Most best-selling games on the Switch have still yet to utilise the full capability of the hardware. The only games that are compromised are the ones that appeal to a minority of the Switch's market. But that hasn't been a problem for them or Nintendo with the Switch anyway, so why'd they need new hardware to fix this?