Pemalite said:
I keep seeing the US numbers climbing ever higher... And we haven't had a single case here in over a month... Economy is recovering.

Trumps policy in handling COVID-19 is an utter and complete joke and the pain the USA will have to endure will be extended.

The US actually won't have to endure anything. Poor people dying in the streets is their normal mode and their propaganda machines are strong enough to cover up a few more deaths. I think at this point it's gonna be irrelevant if they have 200000 dead or 20 million, their political and capitalist machine has proven too resistant even to a pandemic. Yes, a good portion of people will be worse off, but that has never stopped the US to claim superiority and blame everything on the poor.

Also, I reject the notion of calling anything the Republican party or Trump has done in the past 20 years a "policy".

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.