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Train wreck said:
OTBWY said:
Seems like the Switch domination continues. PS4 barely got a boost from the TLOUII release, meaning that it's all up to Ghost of Sushi to make a difference this year. The TLOUII numbers are okay, but this to me means that global domination over Animal Crossing is not a given. AC was dominating in all regions.

Week 12, 2017, Monster Hunter XX came out for the 3DS, it sold 1+ million copies.  3DS hardware fell from 42k the previous week to 39k that week.  Monster Hunter and the 3DS are more popular than the PS4 and TLOU.  I don't understand these "this game didn't more hardware" for consoles past 72 months...its a hard needle to move for a console of that age, no matter the game.

Tell that to Pokemon and Gameboy.

The point is, not all games that sell well are killer apps. Some sell well because they appeal to an existing fanbase, but not anyone new. The last Monster Hunter game, for example, wasn't a killer app, it was the next game for a pre-existing audience that didn't offer anything appealing for anyone new.

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