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Druckmann, quantic dream guy, Tameem, and some others do have their heads to far up their arse, or at least it comes across that way, and I agree, no video game can be compared to the best of films, but I do think the tweet was taken out of context which is what started the initial twitter exchange.

Are we saying we can no longer say shit like:

1) it was like a rollercoaster from beginning to end because no game is a roller coaster or even comes close to it.

2) the food tasted so good, it was better than sex. No you've never had sex, so how would you know.

I can go on giving examples and but I don't see why the original tweet was so bad for Shreier to go on the way he did. Its he going to do this every time?!

Essentially all Jeff said was unlike a pop corn game this was more emotional and the comparison of two films. Judging by threads across sites some people have felt that way others haven't so I can't see why the journalist couldn't.

Yes, there are no triple A games that compare to the best of films, but they're those games that can be compared emotionally to movies due to the action, combat, humour, horror, and innovation.

The citizen Kane reference is perfect. The movie being watched now is nothing special, but the reason is citizen Kane was the first to use angles and filming techniques - like how matrix invented bullet time or how star wars took special fx to a whole new level.

LBP and dreams taking games where you play create share to the next level, the first ever 3D game bringing something new, the first game to use motion capture etc

Essentially what's being said is, you can never ever use anything to compare anything else, not even a small part of it.

The rest of what Jim has said, I agree with.