sethnintendo said:
sales2099 said:

You clearly have a pre determined narrative. Even when there is evidence to the contrary you can’t just be like “Nuh Uh”. It isn’t even a vague statement. He confirmed Facebook won’t take your info nor will the Mixer tab be replaced by Facebook. Of course you will have some kind of option to link between the two, but it won’t be mandatory. Xbox has been all about choice these last few years and going forward. 

Facebook won't take your info.  Lol that is fucking hilarious.  I'm sure they won't just stuff a tracking cookie or some other bullshit they have been doing since day 1.

Rumor was Sony removed Facebook for that reason since Facebook had access to your friend lists etc. But sure, I guess if you don't link up to stream anything or share videos or screenshots, FB won't have access. Anyway Sony, not the best at keeping user info safe, thought FB was too risky to get back on the system. The removal was supposed to be temporary.