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iron_megalith said:
KLXVER said:

His story pretty much ended in the first game I feel. He had a great character arc. I know people love him, I do as well, but I really didnt need another Joel and Ellie adventure. Just my opinion.

I disagree on that. He needed a proper send off but the way things happened was just terribly out of place and happened too soon. The flash backs in TLOU2 showed that there were still some things that could have been explored. Those scenes should have been the core of TLOU2. Ellie and Joel growing distant as a setup for the events that we have in the current story.

I would argue that TLOU2's current story may have worked if it was used for as the third finale to seal the whole thing. Granted that the characters that we have right are more fleshed out than what we currently have.

Well agree to disagree. I was kinda getting sick of them talking about what happened in this game. A whole game based around them arguing about that point would just annoy me too much. Also he got a pretty good send off imo. Through the flashbacks. I guess he could have died while saving the one he loves like 95% of heroes do, but Im glad we got something else. It just shows how cruel this world is and that anything can happen at any moment. Made it more tense I feel.