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SvennoJ said:
DonFerrari said:

For me it was so strange that suddenly they unlinked the PSN account and Facebook account and removed the hability to directly post captured videos to facebook.

It wasn't videos, those have always linked to a you tube or twitch account and still do. Facebook was for 'easy' screenshot sharing the lazy way. It was crap though since Facebook scaled them down and used horrible compression on top. (Facebook also makes linking pictures a pita) You could also import your Facebook avatar to use on psn, which has also been removed. Twitter has been added instead of Facebook to spam your trophy achievements to in case anyone wants to.

Speculation: As VG247 points out, it is possible that the removal of Facebook integration on PS4 is related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook, which pertains to the company's handling of user data. In July, Facebook said in a statement that it was removing PlayStation's access to Facebook friend data "immediately."

It was supposed to be temporary, according to Facebook, until they could negotiate new terms. I guess they couldn't come to an agreement. Good riddance imo.

I updated several dozen videos to youtube from PS4 before the issue.

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