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xMetroid said:
Switch sales were pretty low last summer and I think it will easily beat it just with the AC + covid momentum which is still making the console out of stock going into july.

And I think y'all underestimate the power the Mario collection can have if marketed properly. It can be literally HUGE. Someone that grew up with Mario 64 or SS will find themselves having the package on the hot console. It can be crazy big if the collection is well done.

Like if they remaster the games and not just actually sport them. HUGE.

So imo, it will do around 24-25 millions. Crazy to think we have another console performing like that. I dont expect 2021 to drop a lot since they will probably have a lot of games with the minimum effort for this year. That + price cut or new model can keep it at 19-20 millions.

We shall know next year or even this holiday if it is going to outsell the PS4.

Yea it's crazy to think ... if next year has BOTW2, a new Pokemon, Odyssey 2, and maybe even Metroid Prime 4 .... that could easily be another 22-25 mil year. Any combination of 3 out of 4 of those games will do the trick (yes I know Prime doesn't traditionally sell a lot of consoles, and it definitely won't compared to something like AC or Odyssey or Pokemon etc, but I just think having a great lineup would further show that next year has a chance of selling nearly as much if not as much as this year).