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KLAMarine said:
KLXVER said:
Just beat the game and I couldnt find a single thing about some SJW agenda. Just a great story(Gave it a 10 by btw), very fun gameplay and jaw droppingly beautiful graphics.

Can someone explain to me what the controversy is about? Did I miss something?

Joel being killed off when he was half the heart and soul of this series. The other half being Ellie.

I seriously think a better direction for this series would have been Abby seeking vengeance and Joel/Ellie having to fight her and her cohorts: another go for two longtime fan favorites. Abby's existence would have presented an inconvenience for Joel and his lie as well.

His story pretty much ended in the first game I feel. He had a great character arc. I know people love him, I do as well, but I really didnt need another Joel and Ellie adventure. Just my opinion.