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Soundwave said:

COVID19 effect is real so it's hard to gauge as this literally a once in a lifetime event, in some ways the most significant global event since World War II.

You have basically huge swaths of school kids who had school basically end in March/April and the traditional "summer vacation" is out for a lot of people too as 7 to 14-day quarantines are the norm for most international travel or a big money summer holiday simply not being feasible for a lot of people anymore. 

If you're a parent losing your mind at home to kids running around all day with nothing to do, a new game console is a godsend especially when you have to smooth over the disappointment of telling them they're not going to Disneyworld or whatever that was promised 6 months ago ain't gonna happen now. 

There's no real precedent for any of this but it looks like all active game platforms are seeing a significant surge in sales. 

Animal crossing is also highly responsible. Covid helped it go viral online but the game itself is a huge factor. It just released at the best time. Without AC I'm sure it would have just had a slightly better boost than the other platforms