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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Angelus said:

You forgot the thing games are best at. Choice. Giving the player the ability to actually impact the story in front of them, and the world they inhabit. That player agency is the greatest strength games have over every other medium.

I actually did forget to add that, was going too though. I also forgot to add that, the sooner we stop acting as if games deserve a minimum score for superfluous achievements, the better. Games are not an automatic minimum 6/10 because they are technically competent. If a game bores a reviewer to tears, a 5 or less is really not that out there ... guess my comment was just too long to remember everything I wanted to. 

Yes, I agree, gaming outlets place too much emphasis on the production values in their coverage. Having spectacular visuals is certainly most welcome, we can all agree on that, but just because something looks like it's best in class, doesn't mean it actually is best in class when taking all elements into account. If we wanna stick with the movie comparison, that would have meant that back in 2009, Avatar would have been called the greatest masterclass of cinema to date. Alas, this was not the case. It was an incredibly successful movie, and it was generally very well received by critics, but pretty much nobody hailed it as one of the best movies ever made, and certainly nobody looks back on it thinking as much.