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JRPGfan said:

1) The "idea" behinde stadia is you see a youtube video of a game, and you click "play it" or something, and you jump into the streaming service and the game. That is stadia's goal, where they want to go. MS want the same thing, just with facebook videos and instagram, where you just click "play it" when you watch a clip or video, and your into the service.

SO in that sense, they are going to become the very similar.

"Not only you are mixing things up but coming up with assumption based on that."

In less than 1 month, mixer wont work anymore.
Its not just a marketing deal, its useing Facebook gameing (their streaming) instead to get viewers into gamepass/game streaming (xcloud).

From phil spencers own mouth on the matter:

“We think this is it, and it gives us a great place to launch more xCloud content and give gamers the ability to play from there. - Phil Spencer.

xCloud is going to be centered around facebook streaming, and your going to be playing & streaming games from there.

"It’s not clear exactly when we’ll see xCloud show up in Facebook Gaming, but it’s a key part of this new partnership. Microsoft is getting ready to launch xCloud streaming generally later this year, as part of the company’s Xbox Game Pass offering."

^ How much clearer can it get than that?

The key reason, behinde this partnership is to get facebook videos / instragram clips + easy access into game streaming (xCloud).
They are combinding gamepass + xcloud game streaming into 1 service (which was why I suspected gamepass prices would go up).

No, Stadia has NOTHING to do with Facebook Gaming.

One is a gaming streaming service where you can play your game directly from any device...

The other one is a just streaming videos... 

I mean, just because you can "click" somewhere to start XCloud (which is a completly different thing), does not make it "similar"... 

Mixer, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming <- Those are similar (Video stream service)

Google Stadia, XCloud, GeForce <- Those are similar... (Remote Play service)

I mean just stop comparing apples and orange.

Your whole post is based on the fact that you are saying that Facebook Gaming is a remote play service when it is not. Simply not.
And this why all of your other responses and assumptions are not accurate. So I'm not going to respond to each of your quote.


But just the last the bold part. This only means that when you watch someone on Facebook Gaming playing a game, you could click on "link" to open it in XCloud and obviously you will need a Microsoft account for it. This just a very smart way to get advertizing for XCloud. Microsoft is going to make Facebook Streaming easier like Twitch is on Play Station and in exchange Facebook will have a link to XCloud to "start playing the game". That's the whole purpose of this partnership, nothing more.

Just because you may have to "link" your Xbox Account to Facebook to be able to stream live from your Xbox like any other partner already does not make it "another level of integration". This is already in almost every platform today, you link your Play Station Network account to Steam, your Xbox account to Facebook (this is already there, there is no need for more), etc... And nothing in what Spencer said is talking about XCloud being "centered" around Facebook Gaming... It is just another way to get into it (marketing and advertizing) 


For Gamepass price going up, it may be or not the case. That's again pure speculations but I agree that it can be a possibility; we will see.

Last edited by Imaginedvl - on 23 June 2020