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JRPGfan said:

They claim its to bring Xcloud game streaming to facebook Gaming, very simular to googles stadia concept (see something, play it).

So you guys hyped about Xcloud being tagged onto gamepass? And potentially Facebook being integrated into Xbox OS when you use your xbox?

You are mixing up things. The only thing they are talking about is to use Facebook Gaming (which is a Mixer/Twitch competitor) and close Mixer.

- Facebook Gaming is not 'very similar' to Google Stadia, not the same thing at all actually
- XCloud or Gamepass have nothing to do with this change and won't required linking your account to Facebook for any reason
- Facebook and other "integration" are already there (same with Play Station Network) and you can link your account to it to "share" stuff or screenshot 
- The deal with Facebook is just marketing basically to reach more players (which will lead them to subscribe to Gamepass/XCloud)

In short, this change means one simple thing. Mixer is down and if you want to "stream" your game out, Microsoft prefers to partner with Facebook Gaming than Twitch (which is not really surprise). Gamepass/XCloud are not related to any of this.

Not only you are mixing things up but coming up with assumption based on that. For some reason, you are making all of this sounds way worse than it is.

And as far as the question: hyped about XCloud tagged into GamePass (even if unrelated), this is very great news for Xbox users and was already teased a while ago. If Microsoft confirms it, it means that with your GamePass not only are you getting all of those games but you can now stream them from anywhere and it is included in your subscription.

Last edited by Imaginedvl - on 23 June 2020