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RolStoppable said:
Mordred11 said:

     Why are you being so vocal of a game you haven't played? How can you say TLOU2 is a step back for videogames as a medium without having played the game? Because you read up the story and you watched some cutscenes?

      I don't agree with this video at all because there shouldn't be boundaries on how a story is told. If a specific approach is the best for that story to be told, then so be it. This is becoming a world where everyone is critical of everything, even people who didn't give those things a chance.

mnementh explained it already, but it's not even necessary to have read up on the story of The Last of Us Part II to know that it isn't high quality movie level, because AAA games don't go beyond the depth of a popcorn movie. Whenever video game journalists go out of their way to portray video games as an art form, they usually get caught up in comparisons that make gamers come across as delusional to people outside of gaming. It's the completely wrong approach to garner broader acceptance.

A wrong, deeply misinformed statement in regards to TLOU2 and my love for movies is beyond that of videogames. The way this game portrays pain and how even the best of people can succumb to pain is unlike anything I've seen in a movie form.