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I mean, of course devs/publishers feel entitled to good scores, they're the ones sponsoring all these gaming outlets. Things is though, if we're being honest, it's not just the devs that feel they're entitled to great scores. The fanbases also feel the games of their favorite developers/publishers are entitled to great scores, whether it's for simple validation, or to use as ammo in console war debates. So what you end up with as a gaming..."journalist," is people on both sides telling you they wish to be pandered to, and getting very angry with you when you step out of line. Hell, the vast majority of your audience is never even going to actually read your work. All they're looking for is the right number value at the end. Unless of course you do step out of line, in which case you can rest assured that your words will be turned over with a fine tooth comb.

So, ultimately, there's no incentive for all these gaming outlets to change course. Why go out of your way to possibly upset devs/publishers? You risk losing valuable sponsorships, access, etc, and get...what? Unhappy "readers," annoyed at you for not giving the new game in their favorite franchise a score befitting of it's prestige? Not likely.