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People keep on forgetting what type of Sales Wii was doing during 2008. What else was going on in 2008?
I personally don't think we've seen Switch at it's maximum sales potential, lets say they manufacture a huge amount of units for November & December. Put a temporary price at retail at $149 for Lite and $225 for Hybrid during Black Friday and December. Release some Christmas DLC for the biggest game - Animal Crossing, finally sorts our supply problems for Ring Fit Adventure, while having another 90+ Metacritic Breath of the Wild game.

I can't talk with certainty for North America but in Japan the demand won't' slow down in 2020. 

It would be pretty easy to envision them reach historic heights in North America Wii was able to hit during 2008.

To me, the more interesting thing to note is the 3rd party games that get revealed for the fall.

The companies with strong Switch support are poised to do well this year.