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I really think the legs on this one will run out way sooner than they did for the first game. The sequel is just too divisive and people who loved the original story and characters will hate this one. I don't even think it's really about the "woke" thing, but that the story and handling of the beloved characters is just utter shite, no matter how you look at it.
I have a theory as to how the game came to be as it is. Naughty Dog said they had to cut a lot of content out of the game, for whatever reason. Maybe there was some *really* woke stuff that Sony execs thought was just too much for the general audience, wouldn't surprise me in the least. Or maybe they will just sell us the rest of the game as DLC later on, which is kind of scummy in itself. Either way, because they had to hack off so much stuff, what's left of the story became this ham-fisted mess where things happen out of order, or too soon, or without proper justification and setup, no chance to relate to anything but just having to take the hits as they come.
As for myself, I spoiled myself when the leaks first came out and boy was I glad to have the heads up before blindly stumbling into this nightmare. That said, I have a feeling I'm going to buy the game anyways. Loved the first one and it's kind of like the Game of Thrones thing. You could see the last season was going to suck more and more as it went forward, but you just had to see it through to the end because you had been so invested in it for so long. TLOU2 will sell well, but make no mistake, it will be remembered as the sequel where Neil Druckmann dropped the ball in terms of storytelling.