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The more I think about it, the more I begin to realize that Mark Cerny, General Producer and System Architect of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, is kind-of Sony's equivalent to Nintendo's late Satoru Iwata. Think about it.

  • A guy who's been involved in gaming since the early days of his career
  • Help shaped iconic mascots
  • Involved with the company's console games since their inception, and continued to support them despite not actually working at said company
  • Company and its image were in shambles after the arrogance of its shrewd leader puts them behind the competition
  • Said leader steps back from the company, and lets the fresh outsider take the reigns on the next system
  • Outsider works to re-think the conventions of not only the company's gaming console, but a gaming console in general
  • His strong leadership and vision delivers a simple, easy to use product with wider appeal than its predecessor
  • Instead of making the most powerful gizmo on the planet, the focus is more on simple, efficient hardware that's easy to develop on, even if it isn't that high-tech.
  • The Console goes on to dominate most of the generation, selling 100+ million units worldwide
  • Console kept alive thanks to large library, several accessories and peripherals that widen its appeal

Cerny's rise and success at SIE is a very similar story to that of Iwata's for Nintendo.