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PooperScooper said:

koffieboon - spectrum - the games you listed are 2 (Halo) - 4 (GTA) times bigger than MGS4... Can't you give an example of a game with the same calibur that applys to this situation?

and spectrum nice try with the " i though they would have shipped more" cheap shot.


Well, not that often we get shipment numbers of just released games so I don't have another example. But I think the given examples say a lot.

GTA IV sold less in its fifth week than MGS 4 in its second week and had 2.5M copies lying around compared to only 1M for MGS 4. At the current rate of sales it will take GTA IV another 10 weeks to sell the 11M copies, but since sales will only decrease it might actually take 15-20 weeks.

Microsoft announced 8.1M copies of Halo 3 shipped at the end of 2007, while this site only had 6.85M sellthrough at that moment. So months after its release there are still 1.25M copies lying around when the holiday sales are over. At the moment Halo 3 still hasn't sold through the total shipment from the end of 2007, although it is getting close.