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Hiku said:

Because I had only played 3-4 hours of the game. How many hours have you played?

Should I pass judgement on the writing when I've barely started the game? That seems to be what a number of people are doing, considering the insane amount of user reviews that poured in 1 minute after the game launched. 
I've said before that I expect not to like this game. But I'm not in a hurry to make premature statements.

I'm talking in general of bad writing, that many others, who have already played the game, have pointed out.

I don't ened to see a movie, that's been critically panned and cited for "the writing was bad", to know it has bad writing, it does exist. Yes I've also watched movies with bad writing before, but ignored for various reasons, but I can accept that said film/comic/song/game can be badly written.

That one scene in particular, that's circling around the net for example, screams bad writing, if not borderline cringe inducing. Couldn't really care less if it's my opinion, but I know there are far better ways and mediums out there, that have doe better than that scene, and there wasn't any good reason why said directors/devs, couldn't make it as amazing as other films have done said scene before, no excuse. There's a reason why that scene is being meme'd and laughed at.