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kazuyamishima said:
Statements like“the scores are coming from fans that are displaced with the game” are far from the whole True when the minute the user score went live the review bombing started for a game that is 25-30 hours or more longer.

Around 6-7 hours into it, I can say that it’s improved in most ways compared to the original, hence there’s no explanation why people are just giving it 0/10 and 1/10 with only using the same words as “forced agenda” or “ND destroyed my childhood”

I was one of the many not happy about the leaks, but once you play it you can clearly see that ND put a lot of effort on it.
There are many crappy games that don’t have user scores so low as this game.

But at the end, user scores, troll or not, are just opinions.

This is my take on it too. 

The fans of the original, who are displeased with the sequel, aren't posting nonsensical 0/10 & 1/10 review scores. It seems in popular forums like the PS4 subreddit, there is a noticeable divisiveness, but it seems like the majority of people are enjoying it.