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Immersiveunreality said:
camilosanchez16 said:
No one should pay attention to user scores at Metacritic. Investing mental resources on this is pointless, just let em' be. The meta score is the important one.

Both user and critic scores are absolutely ridiculous.

Totally agree.  In fact this has basically been the evolution of game reviews.

1) When I was young I tried to find a good magazine that had tastes similar to mine and would point out good games.
2) Because my tastes didn't always line up with the reviewer I started looking at Metacritic for an aggregate score.
3) Review scores became biased even on Metacritic.  Big budget games would always get high scores while hidden gems and experimental games would get lower scores.  Because of this I started looking at user reviews instead.
4) Haters started to bomb the user score out of spite.  
5) Now I try to look on youtube to find reviewers with similar tastes to mine.  Basically game reviews have come full circle.