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LudicrousSpeed said:
I don’t mind that Ellie is gay or that there is a trans character in the game. It’s logical. They exist now, why wouldn’t they exist during a zombie apocalypse? But man the writing is so bad. I won’t get into any spoilers but the only game I can think of more laughably overrated than this is GTA IV. I’ve been at a disconnect with gaming media this entire gen, but this really shows just how out of touch they are imho. Not a big deal I guess though, who gives a shit. My most played game this gen has a 58 on MC lol.

It’s clear there is a strong effort at ND to be as woke as possible with their games and that’s fine. To be honest I have never watched a movie and seen diversity as a negative. I see no reason to not represent as many people as possible, including sexual orientation. If I were a big ND fan I’d be more worried about just the bad writing and narrative. I wasn’t a fan of the ending of LoU but leading up to it the narrative was pretty good. This just has so many issues throughout and the ending really was stupid. At least it wasn’t as stupid as the leaks though.

Worst part is Factions got delayed for this?

If it were an old Trans, then yes. How does one become a Trans when resources are scarce and skilled doctors and scientists are probably dying as time goes on? At this point, you'd be more worried about surviving day to die than worrying about your physical appearance. To me, that's just unrealistic.