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shikamaru317 said:
EnricoPallazzo said:

ND for me is a good representation of why the left destroys everything it touches. There is a strong need in not create something new, but always destroy what is already established and people love so from the ashes of it something "better" can flourish. If TLOU2 is the direction modern games are going, then unfortunately I believe it's not for me, thank God we still have Japan and I still have a huge backlog of games to play.

Since U4 ND has been showing why people hate forced diversity in games, starting with Nadine, then the girl power in Lost Legacy and now the climax with TLOU2.

The sex scene of Abby which was basically gross. I dont even know if she is really a woman anymore since its clear she has no boobs, maybe those scenes with her as a kid she was a boy, just as Lev was a girl. So that scene would be basically anal sex.

But it's all right, it's a left leaning game so they have a free pass to do whatever they want. And everything in the game is forced and it's all against the evil white male. I'm black btw. Well, half black.

I wont play or buy this game, and probably won't be playing Naughty Dog games anymore as it is clear the same route will be used also in future uncharted games and their future IP's. Creating a great a fun game is not important anymore, the political message must come first.
And you know what? If most people think this is alright and like it, so be it.

Yeah, that scene bothers the heck out of me too. Saw this on Twitter last night, and I 100% agree with it:


Why is it that a realistic graphics, nude anal sex scene between a man and what seems to be a trans woman is acceptable to Sony, but Sony is censoring sexual content in Japanese games that isn't full nudity to begin with, even though the rating agencies like ESRB, CERO, and PEGI are totally ok with that content being in those games? 

I would be fine if Sony censored it only in the west. The amount of political correctness in the west is bullshit and pretty much a waste of time to deal with. But to apply the same standard in Japan was fucking stupid. Thank god we have the switch for these things which is ironic considering Nintendo had a different stance back then.

Also that Druckmann thing made me laugh. Won't be surprised if that was his actual intention. The guy has his head so far up his ass.

Last edited by iron_megalith - on 19 June 2020