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sales2099 said:
Based on what I’ve seen and read this year, I can’t say I’m a fan of NDs direction. The “strong woman anti straight white men narrative” that many left wingers preach is controversial to say the least. 
Yes I don’t plan on playing this game, and people who disagree may say it’s because my politics clash which is why I disagree. No kidding. Games should be politically neutral (like LOU 1) with notes from either side of the spectrum but not firmly commit to either. ND has to acknowledge that their fans in countries that loved this game are conservative as well as liberal. Hence the metacritic user review scores.

Edit: Removed the possible spoiler since you removed the post altogether.

And about gaming being neutral that isn't really needed. Several games are made exactly on political atrition, and agree rarely it is on benefit of conservative. Usually conservative or powerful are threated as biggots and whatnot while the rebels and progressive angels. But usually artists are more progressive as well. No biggie, I can take progressive storyline all day if well made. Because yes there is a lot of right wing scumbag. Sure I also like when the odd one show the hypocrisis of the progressist powerful and how their attemps of socialism type of society in the game crumble down (Horizon in a way do it).

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