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shikamaru317 said:

I'll just say that I'm not a fan of the direction that Naughty Dog has been headed down for awhile now. Ever since Bruce and Neil forced Amy Hennig out of the company and stole Uncharted 4 from her, I've seen a definite directional shift at the company. Uncharted 4 wasn't too bad, though definitely not as good 1-3, but you could already see the seeds of Naughty Dog's directional shift in that game, starting with Nadine (who Amy Hennig claims didn't exist in her Uncharted 4). A badass female character isn't a bad thing, but it has to feel believable, and Nadine crossed into the realm of unbelievable when she kicked the shit out of both Nathan and Sam at the same time later in the game. The directional shift continued with Uncharted Lost Legacy, with the controversial return of Nadine in an even larger role, as well as many having concerns about Chloe's sex appeal being toned down.

But TLOU 2 takes this directional shift to the extreme. It not only seems to be the most "woke" AAA game ever made, it is up there with some of the woke indies. I'm not even a TLOU fan, I only like Uncharted, but from an outsiders perspective, I think if I was a fan of the first game, I would be pretty pissed at the direction this game takes the story in, the things that are done to the characters from the first (I have read a full plot overview that seems to be accurate). I won't go into any details on this since this isn't a spoiler thread, and I won't be responding to anybody in this thread because I just don't have the energy to debate this stuff with anybody.

I'll just say that I hope the rumors that Sony gave the Uncharted IP to Sony San Diego and Sony San Mateo are true. I don't want to see Uncharted die, nor do I want to see it continue under Naughty Dog, considering the direction that Naughty Dog is moving in as a studio. Hopefully if that rumor is true, the 2 studios can bring back what made Uncharted 1-3 so special, rather that is in the form of a new series about Cassie Drake or further spinoffs focused on side characters like Nadine/Chloe, Sam/Sully, or Charlie Cutter doesn't matter to me so much, I just want good writing and good characters that don't come across as forced. 

Not sure if the shift to another studio will be good, we love Uncharted the way it is and going for another studio may perhaps protect the storyline from SJW and whatnot, but what about the graphics, gameplay and story in general? ND have been unsurpassed this gen.

John2290 said:
I'd say yeah but I doubt it's entirely their fault just the climate in media of so many asshole cash ins and forced social issues.

Anyway, I don't mind the lesbian shit or whatever else, that's the direction they went and how they wanted the characters to be but what I do mind is the trivial, cringey teen drama shit and dialogue, gay or not gay. It's the real downside to the game for me so far.

The problems with human being is that they are human being. So a teenager even during a time of war may behave like exactly that a teenager. Hormones still exists, but yes I'm on a phase of my live that I hate teenager drama.

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