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I know that a lot of us want to discuss the agenda and political orientation of Naughty Dogs and its devs. And in reality it would be silly not to expect that on a studio that big there aren't a big number of employees that hold a strong political opinion be it conservative or liberal.

We also know that since the creation of the first The Last of Us ND have been changing and being more progressive. And I know that pisses a part of the fanbase.

I'll be upfront and say I'm minarquist (so minimal government and zero interference on market and society, so people are free to have their moronic opinions without the government saying no, but they are also free to trade and marry whoever they want) and don't like identity movements (not because they don't have the right to demand to be heard or be threated fairly, but because of the manipulation leaders do).

Still I can say that it is easy to see that this change on ND is visible in their games, we have Lost Legacy with 2 strong women (one of them being a black woman that was annoying on UC4, but well annoying people exist), we had Left Behind that builds up Ellie relationship and discover in a great way (yep I have no problem with all black shows or shows that portray homoaffective relationship, if the show is good I'm fine, I just avoid the explicit ones or that is geared toward an audience because usually they cover things I don't care or relate).

With all that in mind and not having played TLOU2 yet I'm not worried about the game being damaged by the politics of the studio (well I was worried by the time of the leaks, but some reviewers that have addressed it not being true portray) and now I'm fine.

Please try not to spoil things, but since I know a lot will post the leaks and what not I'm tagging the title just in case. Be civil on the discussion please. IF YOU NEED TO POST SPOILER PLEASE USE THE SPOILER TAG ON YOUR POST PLEASE.

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