trunkswd said:
TheBlackNaruto said:
Switch on a nice steady pace, PS4 just continues to stroll on and XB1 I think is up Yoy but the sales are still......very low

Xbox One is up a decent 31.57% year-over-year. While still behind the PS4 and Switch, sales aren't half bad for a console that is 6 and a half years old and about to get replaced. 

He didn’t say anything negative about it just that the number is low. Regardless of 31% up it’s still less than 1.8M consoles sold so far this year. It’s great that the pandemic has mitigated the year over year decline for PS4/X1 but it still doesn’t change the fact that the overall number for X1 sales is low. Percentages can be misleading like for instance PS4 in less than 6 months this year has sold more than X1 did in its entire 2019 year.