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LudicrousSpeed said:
goopy20 said:

We know this for a fact because except for Medium, everything Ms has shown will run on Xbox One as well. 

Isn't it normal that next gen consoles do kinda the same things as current gen, but bigger and better? If that's not enough than what are you seriously expecting? To me it seems you're constantly pretending you don't know what next gen games are traditionally about. A new console generations is not a completely new concept and we both know what it usually means.

MS is just trying to rewrite the rules. Instead of doing a hard reset, they are making sure everyone can play their games in the Xbox ecosystem. That's why nothing they've shown requires cutting edge hardware or a fast SSD, even if it is skipping current gen consoles. Take Dustborn for example that was just announced for Series X, ps5 and pc. Maybe I exaggerate when I say potato pc, but just look at the pc requirements and you'll see it doesn't require SSD or a high-end gpu:

If you weren't disappointed with what was shown at the Series X event, then fine. But maybe that's why you're telling yourself that the IO performance gap is no biggie and everything Sony showed would run on current gen too, let alone the Series X.

Truth is that we don't know how these consoles will compare until we see the games. Until then all we have is this MS exec talking about elevators and Epic saying the ps5's SSD tech is so impactful, they've rewritten their core I/O subsystems for UE5 with the ps5 in mind. Is the MS exec a complete idiot that doesn't know what he's talking about, did Sony spend a fortune on overdeveloping their SSD and pay Epic to say those things? Who knows, but MS really needs to show something really impressive on July if they want to change the "most powerful next gen console" narrative.

Oh so now it’s “everything would run fine on a HDD.. except this.” And “but this doesn’t require a ‘fast’ SSD”. Keep shifting those goal posts, friend. 

I don’t know or care what you think about what qualifies a game as next gen or not because your definition is constantly changing to suit whatever Sony is doing and furthermore you’re the only one who was making a big deal about cross gen and “real next gen games” anyway. 

What is the IO gap? How much does the XVA improve XSX?  Again you’re speaking factually about things right after claiming no one knows. Also yeah we can only judge the games. Neither has shown anything super impressive yet imho. The most impressive stuff was not gameplay for both, Hellblade II and HFW. But that doesn’t mean the games won’t be good. I was more impressed with games like Little Devil Inside and that K game and both of those are cross gen, your literal nightmare. Funny how that works.

Cant wait to see your definitions change again after the July and August events.

How hard can it be to grasp what the average person would consider next gen graphics? Like I said before, they should be self explanatory. Now, has it ever occurred to you that what Sony showed got people excited because it simply felt next gen, and not because Playstation is so popular that the masses will flip out over whatever they show by default. I mean do you think anyone got super excited over Godfall? That game is also not on ps4, but its obviously not going to push the ps5 to its limits and have insane requirements on pc. 

Anything we've seen so far on Series X are either cross-gen titles or games that, just like Godfall, aren't going to take full advantage of next gen like specs. They looked like run-of-the-mill pc games in 4k and that's why MS's event lacked that next-gen excitement. 


Last edited by goopy20 - on 15 June 2020