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One of the best "metroidvania" games this gen along with Ori. The game can get tough at times and asks a little more of you than many similar titles but it’s actually quite fair and very well designed. The progression can be slow at times, when you have to backtrack, but there are a lot of hidden content that will aid you if you’re thorough in your exploration. Finding the right balance of charms to tackle a particular challenge is also very satifying.

Love the art style, the music, the gameplay... This one ended up being a surprise gem to me and ranks among my favourite games of the current gen.

I completed it on the Switch, but then got it again for the PS4 when it went on sale a while ago.

Highly recommended if you’re up for a challenge that doesn’t spoon feed you every step of the way. The map system requires you to work for it a little, and if you can’t remember more than one screen worth of pathways, then I suppose it can eventually get frustrating. I personally think it made me remember the various layouts better by not being able to always rely on the map.  

Finally, I fully agree with the comment right above mine. ^^

Last edited by Hynad - on 14 June 2020