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Hmm interesting , i think it have some PS4/PS3 DNA like XMB but with more features, and improvement on how it look 

let's look at the patent so far 

“Methods and systems to provide a user interface to access games available for a user account. The selection of a game for gameplay is detected at the user interface and, in response, the gameplay is initiated. Interactions provided by a user during gameplay are used to affect the outcome of the game. The interactions are analyzed to determine the game behavior of the user. Behavior metrics are generated for different portions of the game, based on the user’s game behavior. The behavior metrics for the user for the game are associated with a game icon of the game provided on the user interface, the association causes specific ones of the behavior metrics to be rendered for the different portions of the game during subsequent gameplay and are provided to help the user to improve the user’s gameplay for the different portions of the game.”

The patent reveals that core console menus will pretty much be the same, except for Games getting their own tab. Within the Games tab it looks like the UI will dynamically showcase stats, kills, points and even a video of the last gameplay. Players may also be able to receive video and textual hints.

Speaking of hints, Sony had earlier filed a patent for a system that uses behavioural metrics to dynamically display hints to players.

Remember a few months ago,  we have 4chan and reddit leak regarding PS5 UI

and also imagine those patent

and add some sparkling glittering effect and new color like from the PS5 event 

There you have it a new PS5 UI

Of course this is just a patent, some might come to PS5 some might not or changed. But from what the Sony PS5 developer comment, and the leak so far and i am guessing this patent  look legit.